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"...sick of the silence..."

Lisa Heineman's talk-back at Binocular Theatre's production of Still, March 2016

Lisa Heineman's talk-back at Binocular Theatre's production of Still, March 2016

Jen Silverman’s 2013 play Still grew from her friendship with Lisa Heineman, author of Ghostbelly (a memoir about the birth of her stillborn son). In Jen’s words:

“[Lisa] told me that she had recently had a stillbirth…that her experience had underscored for her how invisible stillborn babies are to a culture that is already squeamish about death. She was sick of the silence and was writing a memoir, but theater had caught her eye. What she wanted was to see stillbirth and its ramifications explored on a stage. While Still is by no means an attempt to replicate or retell Lisa’s story, it was born from the mixture of grief and irrepressible, irreverent humor that so characterized our conversations – the reminder that women do not all lament in the same way, that women who grieve are not victims, that there are spaces and stories for women to occupy (even grieving ones) that are saturated in life, transformation, and dangerous risk. The giant dead baby named Constantinople, the dominatrix who becomes his friend, the midwife whose life has turned into a search for redemption, the mother who is caught between her anger at the injustice of the universe, and her love for Constantinople, dead or not—these, to me, felt like truthful representations of the way the world becomes distorted and lines thinned in moments of extreme emotion." 

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