May 2016 | Paprika festival | Aki Studio Theatre

co-creators Ali Joy Richardson Eliza Martin
director Ali Joy Richardson
writer Eliza Martin

stage manager Lucy McPhee
"Rod" Nathaniel Kinghan
lighting design/photography Neil Silcox
sound design Nick Potter
directing mentor Clare Preuss

O promo image

“Want to see how I die on stage? I’ve had lots of practice dying prettily…pro-tip: die facing up-stage so they can’t see you breathing and rolling your eyes.”

ingénue: n. 1. the role of an artless, innocent, unworldly girl or young woman, esp. as represented on stage. 
2. an actress who plays such a role or specializes in playing such roles. 

We don’t blame the ingénues. We question the unimaginative (and sometimes damaging) interpretations of young female characters we’ve seen for years on stages and screens. We wonder how we’ve bolstered these portrayals in our own lives and art. 

O was created and performed for the 2016 Paprika Festival